Well, from being on a roll to having to focus efforts else where (I’ve still got a pretty demanding day-job!). I wanted to put a quick update in before the weekend, and I’m writing this on my way to the airport on a business trip, so please forvgive the hasty composition!

I’ve made some progress in the way of all the internal wiring for the LED module clusters, and photos are on the way to give an idea of how they are shaping up. The controller has had it’s wireless radio coded up, and is streaming IMU data (pitch, roll, yaw) at approx 15Hz to my laptop, which is just oh-so-satisfying! The last major bit to complete is the mounting of the Li-Ion cells and to finish the chargining / power management circuitry, but that’s a day job for this weekend.

Costings are forever being re-negotiated with suppliers, but I’m getting the prices lower each time, so I’m hoping to be in the position to have a rough estimate to base pre-orders on before the end of January. I’m aiming to set up a product page where people can register serious interest, and if I get enough to justify building a batch, then at long last, these things might see market!

Again, sorry for the briefness, I’ll update with some photos and a bit more info on my return!

Peace out!