Phwoar. This one took some pretty crafty wiring! 1,920 Individually addressable LEDs, arranged in a cylindrical 32 x 60 matrix. Peak power consumption for this baby is ~580W of blinding glory. A few more photos after the break, I’ll try and get some build details up soon.

That's a lot of LEDs!

That’s a lot of LEDs!


It is painstaking work lining up this many LEDs. Having them mounted on flexible PCB stip helps to an extent, but the strips are usually assembled from 0.5m lengths, and as supplied, often splice two 0.5m lengths together with the wrong spacing, leading to a noticeable difference in LED pitch around the splice. Most strips must be broken down and re-spliced at the correct pitch. It is also worth upgrading the adhesive on your strips with a decent brand of double sided adhesive tape. This assembly generates enough heat to cause the factory-supplied adhesive to fail. Something like that is not going to lead to good times with the power involved here!



Initial testing with all LEDs wired up.



More details and some video to follow!