Time sure seems to drag while you are waiting for something to happen! But after a good few weeks, the boards from OSHPark are finally here, and appear to be mostly¬†functional! I only need to test the battery charging and protection circuitry, but everything else so far has worked with minimal effort! I’ve soldered up half of the circuitry on two boards, one with the uC, IMU and Radio modules, and one with just the power management circuitry, just to be safe.

Test Fixture for the 2nd Revision Controller PCB

I must admit, I did make a few errors, mainly due to rushing to get the design files finished. I had forgot to link the enable pins on the voltage regulators to the main uC, but this was easily fixed by linking pins 1 + 3 on the package, to make them always on, as the circuitry they power is going to be needed almost all of the time.

Out of this, I also have a layout for a tiny little 500mA 5V boost-converter that I intend to put into a little 3-pin package style module, for prototyping. This section can be seen below, but with a comically over-sized inductor, as I’d forgotten to order some

in time. The 8-pin SOT package is a push-button controller, along with a MOSFET switch.

Boost regulator and power path management circuitry.

Thankfully, with so much working first time, I can be fairly confident that with the changes added in, the next revision of this board should be at the stage where it can be considered production-ready! Finally! Now all I need to do is design the PCB’s to replace the god-awful HL1606 IC RGB LED strips I’m currently working with, and get to building the tooling for the plastic framework. I can actually feel this project going somewhere at last!