Controller Rev 2

I’ve just put the above design into OSHPark (hat used be the dorkbotPDX PCB order) for manufacture, hopefully to go out on the Oct 5th 2-layer panel order. 3 copies of the board, 140mm x 20mm with Gold finish and a funky purple solder mask. Not bad for £16.50, including shipping from the US!

This design incorporates all the features I’ve wanted since I started pushing the capabilities of my hand soldered prototypes. I’ve got the battery protection and power path management worked in, along with separate regulators for the IMU and radio circuits, and an on-board booster as opposed to the fragile modules I’ve been putting this off for a while, as I have a bit of a phobia that I’ll miss something silly in the tracking, but I’ve re-done this layout 5 times now, so I’m happy to send it off for fab. Besides, can’t argue at those prices!

Now begins the waiting game…