Zombie Madness (Part 2)


So the festival I was working on with my buddies has been and gone! I was hoping to get a good number of build photos from the construction of our creation, but the schedule was so manic that I was often working until early morning, with my focus being directed at getting the work done, rather then documenting my efforts!

Having said that, I did manage to get some photos of the finished work and a couple of build photos. Let me introduce you to the front door of our creation:

Read on to see a few more photos and to get a feel for working on a festival site!


Starting out with the MSP-430 (Part 1)


Let me be the first to say, I’ve been spoiled when it comes to working with microcontrollers. While I’ve been writing some pretty nifty code recently, it’s been very much “high level” stuff, code that builds a lot on pre-existing libraries for the Arduino platform. While I’ve still yet to pull the cardinal sin of a GOTO, I’m sure the Arduino way of doing things has surely taught me a few bad practices, even if I’m not aware of them yet!

So in an attempt to redeem myself, and to teach myself quite a lot about the actual hardware I’m spending so much time working with at work, I’ve made my first attempt to get up and running with a Texas Instruments MSP-430 series uC, and a “proper” Integrated Development Environment (IDE), IAR’s Embedded Workbench.

Enter the Launchpad…


Creating 3D models of PCBs from EAGLE


HaD recently put up a post with a few ways to get some really slick-looking 3D renders of PCBs, so I had a look at what’s involved, and was quite pleased with the results!

A 3D render of a PCB I’m working on.


Zombie Madness


So, I have some friends who do some wonderful work in event production, stage creation, and all sorts. I recently got involved in some engineering work for them for a local, one-day event in my home town, which involved some giant, rotating MDF cogs as part of a stage facade. The next possible event is for a festival where they have been asked to create a zombie-themed area that has crowd participation.

Now, zombies are fun, but zombies that spurt blood from wounds add a little touch of realism that is sure to go a long way! I’m going to explore some ways of making this happen…


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