Get your tilt on…


So after a bit of searching about on the internets, I found a code example that I can start playing around with, to do a proof of concept of the new prototype controller PCB and it’s orientation sensing capabilities. Initial results are shown below, with only a few minor tweaks needed to get up and running.

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Rotation! (And the beginnings of tilt estimation.)


So I spent a half hour last night playing about with some of the raw Accelerometer / Gyroscope data I’ve been getting from the new controller PCB, and I got Excel to make me a pretty graph to show a full 360 degree rotation of board.


Arduino 1.Ohhh…


So, over the weekend I had a little play with the nice, new and shiny Arduino 1.0 IDE. Along with some nice new colour schemes, and a good deal of added functionality within the context menus, it feels a lot tidier than previous incarnations!

However, the fun starts when trying to work on programs created in previous IDE versions. I ran into a few cryptic errors, and to help fellow Arduino-ers avoid the same head-beating torment, here’s a few tips to get around the errors that have popped up so far.


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