Star of the Ball – Results


 My friend rocking the finished dress. I didn’t manage to get many photos myself, and I’m still waiting to see others from the ball, so this will have to do for now. It looks a lot more purple in the photos, I think there’s a fair amount of UV light coming out of the blue LED elements.  I’ll stick more photos up when they arrive!

Star Of The Ball – Part 2



Well, that went quickly! I’m now at T-2 days until the night of the ball, and thankfully, all my eBay bits have arrived in time! (Aside from a mild nuisance of some wrongly delivered NPN transistors, more on that later…) Here’s what my test bench looked like yesterday, with some basic debugging going on.

Bench Testing The Controller with the LED strips.

As of this evening, I’ve gotten the controller PCB built and working, with a nRF24L01+ radio for user interaction, and I’ve prototyped a pretty solid menu structure for controlling the pattern and brightness. I say prototyped, as I’ve hit a little math (I think!) snag when moving the code over from my Atmega2560 dev platform, to the 328p-based controller, but I hope to have cracked it by tomorrow.


Zombie Madness (Part 2)


So the festival I was working on with my buddies has been and gone! I was hoping to get a good number of build photos from the construction of our creation, but the schedule was so manic that I was often working until early morning, with my focus being directed at getting the work done, rather then documenting my efforts!

Having said that, I did manage to get some photos of the finished work and a couple of build photos. Let me introduce you to the front door of our creation:

Read on to see a few more photos and to get a feel for working on a festival site!


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