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So after a bit of searching about on the internets, I found a code example that I can start playing around with, to do a proof of concept of the new prototype controller PCB and it’s orientation sensing capabilities. Initial results are shown below, with only a few minor tweaks needed to get up and running.

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Latest Generation Spec’s.


Ok, so I’ve not even had the spec’s for the last model up very long, but here’s what we are looking at for the current model;

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Rotation! (And the beginnings of tilt estimation.)


So I spent a half hour last night playing about with some of the raw Accelerometer / Gyroscope data I’ve been getting from the new controller PCB, and I got Excel to make me a pretty graph to show a full 360 degree rotation of board.


Action Shots (Mark 2)







Various LED Staff Photos…


Colour test 1

2nd generation prototypes.

– Carbon Fiber framework

-HL1606 based LED Strips


– 3.6V 1800mAh (x2) Li-Po batteries

Colour Test 2



Hello world!


Lets try this whole website thing again…

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